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Premier League Standings: Arsenal still in control of EPL table

Before jumping into our soccer games today run down, take a look at the Premier League standings for the most recent season of the legendary English football confederation.

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Premier League Standings

Which team has the best record in Premier League?

With the EPL back after the 2022 World Cup, the team atop the Premier League standings is still Arsenal with 54 points. They are closely followed by Manchester City with 52 points, then Manchester United at 49 points.

After the two Manchester clubs are Tottenham with 42 points and Newcastle having 41 points so far this season.

Who had the best record in the 2021-2022 Premier League Table?

premier league standings
Credit: USA Today Network

When the EPL season closed in May of this year, the team that stood above the rest with a 29-6-3 record and 93 points was Manchester City. Man City just barely beat out Liverpool and their 92 points by a single win in the 2022 Premier League Table.

Unlike other leagues that have a playoff battle between many of the best teams in a given season, the EPL has a more old-school format where sides battle it out on the pitch throughout the season, and the team with the most points at the end is the champion.

When did Premier League start?

What we currently know as the English Premier League began in August 1992. For such an esteemed soccer association you would imagine it would be decades older than that. It actually is, but for much of its history, the EPL was known as the Football League First Division. That league originally started in 1888.

The top soccer league in England getting a rebrand was a decision made to try and maximize the money-making potential in the rich history of English football.

How many teams are in the Premier League Table?

premier league standings
Credit: Mike DiNovo-USA TODAY Sports

There are 20 teams that compete in England’s best soccer association. Many of them are some of the most well-known clubs in the world due to the fact that some of the best from the EPL has gone on to play for the ultimate title in the Champions League.

Some of the familiar football brands that make up the English Premier League table are Manchester City FC, Liverpool FC, Chelsea FC, Manchester United FC, and Arsenal FC.

How many games are left in the 2022 English Premier League season?

The new EPL season kicked off on Aug. 6 and has already seen some interesting surprises. While last season’s champs Manchester City are once again off to a strong start, three-time champions Arsenal are in the top spot in the early season Premier League table.

Some games will surely have to be made up before the season comes to a close in May after several days of fixtures were postponed following the passing of Queen Elizabeth II in September. However, in total many EPL teams still have 30 games left on their 2022-2023 schedules.

Who won the Premier League championship in 2022?

After 38 matches and a season that stretched out from August 2021 to May of this year, Manchester City won their sixth EPL title with 93 points. The 2022 title was their third straight, fifth in the last six seasons, and the latest instance of their continued dominance over the top side in English soccer.

EPL champions through history

While Manchester City has been the most dominant force in the current era of English Premier League football, they still trail their in-city rival Manchester United for overall titles. Man U currently owns a whopping 13 EPL titles. You can get a rundown of all the previous Premier League champions below.

  • 2022 Manchester City
  • 2021 Manchester City
  • 2020 Liverpool
  • 2019 Manchester City
  • 2018 Manchester City
  • 2017 Chelsea
  • 2016 Leicester City
  • 2015 Chelsea
  • 2014 Manchester City
  • 2013 Manchester United
  • 2012 Manchester City
  • 2011 Manchester United
  • 2010 Chelsea
  • 2009 Manchester United
  • 2008 Manchester United
  • 2007 Manchester United
  • 2006 Chelsea
  • 2005 Chelsea
  • 2004 Arsenal
  • 2003 Manchester United
  • 2002 Arsenal
  • 2001 Manchester United
  • 2000 Manchester United
  • 1999 Manchester United
  • 1998 Arsenal
  • 1997 Manchester United
  • 1996 Manchester United
  • 1995 Blackburn Rovers
  • 1994 Manchester United
  • 1993 Manchester United
  • 1992 Leeds United