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NFL games today: 2023 NFL schedule revealed

nfl games today
Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Bookmark. Save. Favorite. Do your thing. This is the one-stop shop for everything NFL schedule-related for the entire 2023-24 season.

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NFL games today: 2023 NFL schedule

There are no NFL games today. The 2022-’23 NFL season ended on February 12 with the Kansas City Chiefs defeating the Philadelphia Eagles in Super Bowl LVII. There are no NFL games until August when the preseason start. The 2023 NFL schedule for the regular season was released on May 11. You can find the full rundown of the 17 weeks of the next season below.

NFL offseason preview

Here is a series of Sportsnaut pieces featuring just a sample of some of our offseason content:

When does the 2023 NFL preseason begin?

Training camps are expected to open on July 26, and the Pro Football Hall of Fame game is scheduled to kick off the NFL schedule for the preseason on August 3.

DateGameTime (ET)TV
Aug. 3Jets @ BrownsTBDTBD
Game played in Canton, Ohio

When do NFL teams need to be at 53 man roster?

The NFL 53 man roster date is August 29 at 4 PM EST. All NFL teams must cut down to a 53 man roster by 4 PM ET on Aug. 29, meaning all cuts must be submitted to the NFL by then.

When is the NFL trade deadline?

The 2023 NFL trade deadline is on October 31 at 4 PM EST. NFL teams are allowed to trade right now and can officially make trades until the NFL trade deadline on Tuesday, Oct. 31 at 4 PM EST.

What is the first game of the 2023 NFL season?

The Detroit Lions vs Kansas City Chiefs is the first game of the 2023 NFL regular season. Kansas City is the reigning Super Bowl champion and will host the Lions on Thursday, Sep. 7 on NBC at GEHA Field at Arrowhead Stadium.

Thursday, Sept. 7

nfl games today, nfl schedule
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports
DateGameTime (ET)TV
Sep. 7Lions @ Chiefs8:20 PM ETNBC

2023 NFL schedule

Week 1

Sunday, Sept. 10

DateGameTime (ET)TV
Sept. 10Panthers @ Falcons1 PMFOX
Sept. 10Texans @ Ravens1 PMCBS
Sept. 10Bengals @ Browns1 PMCBS
Sept. 10Jaguars @ Colts1 PMFOX
Sept. 10Buccaneers @ Vikings1 PMCBS
Sept. 10Titans @ Saints1 PMCBS
Sept. 1049ers @ Steelers1 PMFOX
Sept. 10Cardinals @ Commanders1 PM FOX
Sept. 10Packers @ Bears4:25 PMFOX
Sept. 10Raiders @ Broncos4:25 PMCBS
Sept. 10Dolphins @ Chargers4:25 PMCBS
Sept. 10Eagles @ Patriots4:25 PMCBS
Sept. 10Rams @ Seahawks4:25 PMFOX
Sept. 10Cowboys @ Giants8:20 PMNBC

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Monday, Sept. 11

DateGameTime (ET)TV
Sept. 11Bills @ Jets8:15 PMESPN, ABC

Week 2

Thursday, Sept. 14

DateGameTime (ET)TV
Sept. 14Vikings @ Eagles8:15 PMPrime Video

Sunday, Sept. 17

DateGameTime (ET)TV
Sept. 17Packers @ Falcons1 PMFOX
Sept. 17Raiders @ Bills1 PMCBS
Sept. 17Ravens @ Bengals1 PMCBS
Sept. 17Seahawks @ Lions1 PMFOX
Sept. 17Colts @ Texans1 PMFOX
Sept. 17Chiefs @ Jaguars1 PMCBS
Sept. 17Bears @ Buccaneers1 PMCBS
Sept. 17Chargers @ Titans1 PM CBS
Sept. 17Giants @ Cardinals4:05 PMFOX
Sept. 1749ers @ Rams4:05 PMFOX
Sept. 17Jets @ Cowboys4:25 PMCBS
Sept. 17Commanders @ Broncos4:25 PMCBS
Sept. 17Dolphins @ Patriots8:20 PMNBC

Monday, Sept. 18

DateGameTime (ET)TV
Sept. 18Saints @ Panthers7:15 PMESPN
Sept. 18Browns @ Steelers8:15 PMABC

Week 3

Thursday, Sept. 21

Syndication: The Record
Danielle Parhizkaran/NorthJersey.com via Imagn Content Services, LLC
DateGameTime (ET)TV
Sept. 21Giants @ 49ers8:15 PMPrime Video

Sunday, Sept. 24

DateGameTime (ET)TV
Sept. 24Colts @ Ravens1 PMCBS
Sept. 24Titans @ Browns1 PMCBS
Sept. 24Falcons @ Lions1 PMFOX
Sept. 24Saints @ Packers1 PMFOX
Sept. 24Texans @ Jaguars1 PMFOX
Sept. 24Broncos @ Dolphins1 PMCBS
Sept. 24Chargers @ Vikings1 PMFOX
Sept. 24Patriots @ Jets1 PM CBS
Sept. 24Bills @ Commanders1 PMCBS
Sept. 24Panthers @ Seahawks4:05 PMCBS
Sept. 24Cowboys @ Cardinals4:25 PMFOX
Sept. 24Bears @ Chiefs4:25 PMFOX
Sept. 24Steelers @ Raiders8:20 PMNBC

Monday, Sept. 25

DateGameTime (ET)TV
Sept. 25Eagles @ Buccaneers7:15 PMABC
Sept. 25Rams @ Bengals8:15 PMESPN

Week 4

Thursday, Sept. 28

DateGameTime (ET)TV
Sept. 28Lions @ Packers8:15 PMPrime Video

Sunday, Oct. 1

DateGameTime (ET)TV
Oct. 1Falcons @ Jaguars9:30 PMESPN+
Oct. 1Dolphins @ Bills1 PMCBS
Oct. 1Vikings @ Panthers1 PMFOX
Oct. 1Broncos @ Bears1 PMCBS
Oct. 1Ravens @ Browns1 PMCBS
Oct. 1Steelers @ Texans1 PMCBS
Oct. 1Rams @ Colts1 PMFOX
Oct. 1Buccaneers @ Saints1 PM FOX
Oct. 1Commandes @ Eagles1 PMFOX
Oct. 1Bengals @ Titans1 PMFOX
Oct. 1Raiders @ Chargers4:05 PMCBS
Oct. 1Patriots @ Cowboys4:25 PMFOX
Oct. 1Cardinals @ 49ers4:25 PMFOX
Oct. 1Chiefs @ Jets8:20 PMNBC

Monday, Oct. 2

DateGameTime (ET)TV
Oct. 2Seahawks @ Giants8:15 PMESPN

Week 5

Thursday, Oct. 5

DateGameTime (ET)TV
Oct. 5Bears @ Commanders8:15 PMPrime Video

Sunday, Oct. 8

DateGameTime (ET)TV
Oct. 8Jaguars @ Bills9:30 PMNFL Network
Oct. 8Texans @ Falcons1 PMFOX
Oct. 8Panthers @ Lions1 PMFOX
Oct. 8Titans @ Colts1 PMCBS
Oct. 8Giants @ Dolphins1 PMFOX
Oct. 8Saints @ Patriots1 PMCBS
Oct. 8Raves @ Steelers1 PMCBS
Oct. 8Bengals @ Cardinals4:05 PM FOX
Oct. 8Eagles @ Rams4:05 PMFOX
Oct. 8Jets @ Broncos4:25 PMCBS
Oct. 8Chiefs @ Vikings4:25 PMCBS
Oct. 8Cowboys @ 49ers8:20 PMNBC

Monday, Oct. 9

DateGameTime (ET)TV
Oct. 9Packers @ Raiders8:15 PMESPN

Week 6

Thursday, Oct. 12

DateGameTime (ET)TV
Oct. 12Broncos @ Chiefs8:15 PMPrime Video

Sunday, Oct. 15

NFL: New York Jets-Aaron Rodgers Press Conference
Tom Horak-USA TODAY Sports
DateGameTime (ET)TV
Oct. 15Ravens @ Titans9:30 PMNFL Network
Oct. 15Commanders @ Falcons1 PMCBS
Oct. 15Vikings @ Bears1 PMFOX
Oct. 15Seahawks @ Bengals1 PMCBS
Oct. 1549ers @ Browns1 PMFOX
Oct. 15Saints @ Texans1 PMFOX
Oct. 15Colts @ Jaguars1 PMCBS
Oct. 15Panthers @ Dolphins1 PM CBS
Oct. 15Lions @ Buccaneers1 PMFOX
Oct. 15Patriots @ Raiders4:05 PMCBS
Oct. 15Cardinals @ Rams4:25 PMFOX
Oct. 15Eagles @ Jets4:25 PMFOX
Oct. 15Giants @ Bills8:20 PMNBC

Monday, Oct. 16

DateGameTime (ET)TV
Oct. 16Cowboys @ Chargers8:15 PMESPN

Week 7

Thursday, Oct. 19

DateGameTime (ET)TV
Oct. 19Jaguars @ Saints8:15 PMPrime Video

Sunday, Oct. 22

DateGameTime (ET)TV
Oct. 22Lions @ Ravens1 PMFOX
Oct. 22Raiders @ Bears1 PMFOX
Oct. 22Browns @ Colts1 PMCBS
Oct. 22Bills @ Patriots1 PMCBS
Oct. 22Commanders @ Giants1 PMCBS
Oct. 22Falcons @ Buccaneers1 PMFOX
Oct. 22Steelers @ Rams4:05 PMFOX
Oct. 22Cardinals @ Seahawks4:05 PM FOX
Oct. 22Packers @ Broncos4:25 PMCBS
Oct. 22Chargers @ Chiefs4:25 PMCBS
Oct. 22Chiefs @ Jets8:20 PMNBC

Monday, Oct. 23

DateGameTime (ET)TV
Oct. 2349ers @ Vikings8:15 PMESPN

Week 8

Thursday, Oct. 26

DateGameTime (ET)TV
Oct. 26Buccaneers @ Bills8:15 PMPrime Video

Sunday, Oct. 29

DateGameTime (ET)TV
Oct. 29Texans @ Panthers1 PMFOX
Oct. 29Rams @ Cowboys1 PMFOX
Oct. 29Vikings @ Packers1 PMFOX
Oct. 29Saints @ Colts1 PMFOX
Oct. 29Patriots @ Dolphins1 PMCBS
Oct. 29Jets @ Giants1 PMCBS
Oct. 29Jaguars @ Steelers1 PMCBS
Oct. 29Falcons @ Titans1 PM FOX
Oct. 29Eagles @ Commanders1 PMFOX
Oct. 29Browns @ Seahawks4:05 PMFOX
Oct. 29Ravens @ Cardinals4:25 PMCBS
Oct. 29Chiefs @ Broncos4:25 PMCBS
Oct. 29Bengals @ 49ers4:25 PMCBS
Oct. 29Bears @ Chargers8:20 PMNBC

Monday, Oct. 30

DateGameTime (ET)TV
Oct. 30Raiders @ Lions8:15 PMESPN

Week 9

Thursday, Nov. 2

DateGameTime (ET)TV
Nov. 2Titans @ Steelers8:15 PMPrime Video

Sunday, Nov. 5

DateGameTime (ET)TV
Nov. 5Dolphins @ Chiefs9:30 PMNFL Network
Nov. 5Vikings @ Falcons1 PMFOX
Nov. 5Seahawks @ Ravens1 PMCBS
Nov. 5Cardinals @ Browns1 PMCBS
Nov. 5Rams @ Packers1 PMFOX
Nov. 5Buccaneers @ Texans1 PMCBS
Nov. 5Commanders @ Patriots1 PMFOX
Nov. 5Bears @ Saints1 PM CBS
Nov. 5Colts @ Panthers4:05 PMCBS
Nov. 5Giants @ Raiders4:25 PMFOX
Nov. 5Cowboys @ Eagles4:25 PMFOX
Nov. 5Bills @ Bengals8:20 PMNBC

Monday, Nov. 6

DateGameTime (ET)TV
Nov. 6Chargers @ Jets8:15 PMESPN

Week 10

Thursday, Nov. 9

DateGameTime (ET)TV
Nov. 9Panthers @ Bears8:15 PMPrime Video

Sunday, Nov. 10

DateGameTime (ET)TV
Nov. 12Colts @ Patriots9:30 PMNFL Network
Nov. 12Browns @ Ravens1 PMFOX
Nov. 12Texans @ Bengals1 PMCBS
Nov. 1249ers @ Jaguars1 PMFOX
Nov. 12Saints @ Vikings1 PMFOX
Nov. 12Packers @ Steelers1 PMCBS
Nov. 12Titans @ Buccaneers1 PMCBS
Nov. 12Falcons @ Cardinals4:05 PM CBS
Nov. 12Lions @ Chargers4: 05 PMCBS
Nov. 12Giants @ Cowboys4:25 PMFOX
Nov. 12Commander @ Seahawks4:25 PMFOX
Nov. 12Jets @ Raiders8:20 PMNBC

Monday, Nov. 13

DateGameTime (ET)TV
Nov. 13Broncos @ Bills8:15 PMESPN

Week 11

Thursday, Nov. 16

DateGameTime (ET)TV
Nov. 16Benglas @ Ravens8:15 PMPrime Video

Sunday, Nov. 19

DateGameTime (ET)TV
Nov. 19Cowboys @ Panthers1 PMFOX
Nov. 19Steelers @ Browns1 PMFOX
Nov. 19Bears @ Lions1 PMFOX
Nov. 19Chargers @ Packers1 PMFOX
Nov. 19Cardinals @ Texans1 PMCBS
Nov. 19Titans @ Jaguars1 PMCBS
Nov. 19Raiders @ Dolphins1 PMCBS
Nov. 19Giants @ Commanders1 PM FOX
Nov. 19Buccaneers @ 49ers4:05 PMFOX
Nov. 19Jets @ Bills4:25 PMFOX
Nov. 19Seahawks @ Rams4:25 PMFOX
Nov. 19Vikings @ Broncos8:20 PMNBC

Monday, Nov. 20

DateGameTime (ET)TV
Nov. 20Eagles @ Chiefs8:15 PMESPN, ABC

Week 12

Thursday, Nov. 23

DateGameTime (ET)TV
Nov. 23Packers @ Lions12:30 PMFOX
Nov. 23Commanders @ Cowboys4:30 PMCBS
Nov. 2349ers @ Seahawks8:20 PMNBC

Friday, Nov. 24

DateGameTime (ET)TV
Nov. 24Dolphins @ Jets3 PMPrime Video

Sunday, Nov. 26

DateGameTime (ET)TV
Nov. 26Saints @ Falcons1 PMFOX
Nov. 26Steelers @ Bengals1 PMCBS
Nov. 26Jaguars @ Texans1 PMCBS
Nov. 26Buccaneers @ Colts1 PMCBS
Nov. 26Patriots @ Giants1 PMFOX
Nov. 26Panthers @ Titans1 PMFOX
Nov. 26Rams @ Cardinals4:05 PM FOX
Nov. 26Browns @ Broncos4: 05 PMFOX
Nov. 26Chiefs @ Raiders4:25 PMCBS
Nov. 26Bills @ Eagles4:25 PMCBS
Nov. 26Ravens @ Chargers8:20 PMNBC

Monday, Nov. 27

DateGameTime (ET)TV
Nov. 27Bears @ Vikings8:15 PMESPN

Week 13

Thursday, Nov. 30

DateGameTime (ET)TV
Nov. 30Seahawks @ Cowboys8:15 PMPrime Video

Sunday, Dec. 3

DateGameTime (ET)TV
Dec. 3Chargers @ Patriots1 PMCBS
Dec. 3Lions @ Saints1 PMFOX
Dec. 3Falcons @ Jets1 PMFOX
Dec. 3Cardinals @ Steelers1 PMCBS
Dec. 3Panthers @ Buccaneers1 PMCBS
Dec. 3Colts @ Titans1 PMCBS
Dec. 3Dolphins @ Commanders1 PMFOX
Dec. 3Broncos @ Texans4: 05 PMCBS
Dec. 3Browns @ Rams4:25 PMFOX
Dec. 349ers @ Eagles4:25 PMFOX
Dec. 3Chiefs @ Packers8:20 PMNBC

Monday, Dec. 4

DateGameTime (ET)TV
Dec. 4Bengals @ Jaguars8:15 PMESPN

Week 14

Thursday, Dec. 7

DateGameTime (ET)TV
Dec. 7Patriots @ Steelers8:15 PMPrime Video

Sunday, Dec. 10

DateGameTime (ET)TV
Dec. 10Buccaneers @ Falcons1:00 PMCBS
Dec. 10Rams @ Ravens1:00 PMFOX
Dec. 10Lions @ Bears1:00 PMFOX
Dec. 10Colts @ Bengals1:00 PMCBS
Dec. 10Jaguars @ Browns1:00 PMCBS
Dec. 10Panthers @ Saints1:00 PMFOX
Dec. 10Texans @ Jets1:00 PMCBS
Dec. 10Vikings @ Raiders4:05 PMFOX
Dec. 10Seahawks @ 49ers4:05 PMFOX
Dec. 10Bills @ Chiefs4:25 PMCBS
Dec. 10Broncos @ Chargers4:25 PM CBS
Dec. 10Eagles @ Cowboys 8:20 PM NBC

Monday, Dec. 11

DateGameTime (ET)TV
Dec. 11Titans @ Dolphins8:15 PMESPN
Dec. 11Packers @ Giants8:15 PMABC

Week 15

Thursday, Dec. 14

DateGameTime (ET)TV
Dec. 14Chargers @ Raiders8:15 PM Prime Video

Sunday, Dec. 17

DateGameTime (ET)TV
Dec. 17Falcons @ PanthersTBDTBD
Dec. 17Vikings @ BengalsTBDTBD
Dec. 17Bears @ BrownsTBDTBD
Dec. 17Broncos @ LionsTBDTBD
Dec. 17Steelers @ ColtsTBDTBD
Dec. 17Buccaneers @ Packers1:00 PMFOX
Dec. 17Jets @ Dolphins1:00 PMCBS
Dec. 17Giants @ Saints1:00 PMFOX
Dec. 17Texans @ Titans1:00 PMCBS
Dec. 1749ers @ Cardinals4:05 PMCBS
Dec. 17Commanders @ Rams4:05 PMCBS
Dec. 17Cowboys @ Bills4:25 PMFOX
Dec. 17Eagles @ Seahawks4:25 PMFOX
Dec. 17Ravens @ Jaguars8:20 PMNBC

Monday, Dec. 18

DateGameTime (ET)TV
Dec. 18Chiefs @ Patriots8:15 PMESPN

Week 16

Thursday, Dec. 21

DateGameTime (ET)TV
Dec. 21Saints @ Rams8:15 PMPrime Video

Saturday, Dec. 23

DateGameTime (ET)TV
Dec. 23Bengals @ Steelers4:30 PMNBC
Dec. 23Bills @ Chargers8:30 PMPeacock

Sunday, Dec. 24

DateGameTime (ET)TV
Dec. 24Colts @ Falcons1:00 PMFOX
Dec. 24Packers @ Panthers1:00 PMFOX
Dec. 24Browns @ Texans1:00 PMCBS
Dec. 24Lions @ Vikings1:00 PMFOX
Dec. 24Commanders @ Jets1:00 PMCBS
Dec. 24Seahawks @ Titans1:00 PMCBS
Dec. 24Jaguars @ Buccaneers4:05 PMCBS
Dec. 24Cardinals @ Bears4:25 PMFOX
Dec. 24Cowboys @ Dolphins4:25 PMFOX
Dec. 24Patriots @ Broncos8:15 PMNFL Network

Monday, Dec. 25

DateGameTime (ET)TV
Dec. 25Raiders @ Chiefs1:00 PM CBS
Dec. 25Giants @ Eagles4:30 PMFOX
Dec. 25Ravens @ 49ers8:15 PMABC

Week 17

Thursday, Dec. 28

DateGameTime (ET)TV
Dec. 28Jets @ Browns8:15 PMPrime Video

Saturday, Dec. 30

DateGameTime (ET)TV
Dec. 30Lions @ Cowboys8:15 PMESPN, ABC

Sunday, Dec. 31

DateGameTime (ET)TV
Dec. 31Dolphins @ Ravens1:00 PMCBS
Dec. 31Patriots @ Bills1:00 PMCBS
Dec. 31Falcons @ Bears1:00 PMCBS
Dec. 31Titans @ Texans1:00 PMFOX
Dec. 31Raiders @ Colts1:00 PMCBS
Dec. 31Panthers @ Jaguars1:00 PMCBS
Dec. 31Rams @ Giants1:00 PMFOX
Dec. 31Cardinals @ Eagles1:00 PMFOX
Dec. 31Saints @ Buccaneers1:00 PMFOX
Dec. 3149ers @ Commanders1:00 PMFOX
Dec. 31Steelers @ Seahawks4:05 PMFOX
Dec. 31Chargers @ Broncos4:25 PMCBS
Dec. 31Bengals @ Chiefs4:25 PMCBS
Dec. 31Packers @ Vikings8:20 PM NBC

Week 18

Sunday, Jan. 7

  • Note: The NFL schedule for Week 18 typically isn’t set until January. We’ll update our NFL games today when the full slate is available.
DateGameTime (ET)TV
Jan. 7Seahawks @ CardinalsTBDTBD
Jan. 7Steelers @ RavensTBDTBD
Jan. 7Buccaneers @ PanthersTBDTBD
Jan. 7Browns @ BengalsTBDTBD
Jan. 7Vikings @ LionsTBDTBD
Jan. 7Bears @ PackersTBDTBD
Jan. 7Texans @ ColtsTBDTBD
Jan. 7Chiefs @ ChargersTBDTBD
Jan. 7Broncos @ RaidersTBDTBD
Jan. 7Bills @ DolphinsTBDTBD
Jan. 7Jets @ PatriotsTBDTBD
Jan. 7Falcons @ SaintsTBDTBD
Jan. 7Eagles @ GiantsTBDTBD
Jan. 7Rams @ 49ersTBDTBD
Jan. 7Jaguars @ TitansTBDTBD
Jan. 7Cowboys @ CommandersTBDTBD

When does the 2023 NFL season start?

The 2023-24 regular season NFL schedule will kick off on September 7, continuing through January 7, 2024. The preseason gets underway on August 3, when the New York Jets take on the Cleveland Browns in the Hall of Fame game in Canton, Ohio.

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When do NFL training camps start?

The first day of OTAs, or offseason training activities, begins on May 22. June 6 is the start of mandatory minicamps. The majority of training camps this summer begin on July 27. Stay tuned for Sportsnaut’s training camp coverage, covering the bases for all 32 teams this summer.

How many weeks are in a regular NFL season?

The NFL has been playing 18 weeks since the regular season expanded from 16 games to 17 games in 2021. With each team getting a week off, or a ‘bye week’, all 32 franchises have an 18-week schedule, not counting the playoffs.

NFL International Games 2023

NFL: AFC Divisional Round-Jacksonville Jaguars at Kansas City Chiefs
Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

Here is the full NFL International series schedule for the 2023 season.

Date, WeekGameLocationCountry
Oct. 1, Week 4Falcons @ JaguarsWembley StadiumLondon
Oct. 8, Week 5Jaguars @ BillsTottenham Hotspur StadiumLondon
Oct. 15, Week 6Ravens @ TitansTottenham Hotspur StadiumLondon
Nov. 5, Week 9Dolphins @ ChiefsFrankfurt StadiumGermany
Nov. 12, Week 10Colts @ PatriotsFrankfurt StadiumGermany

Just like in 2022, there will be a total of five matchups on the NFL games today scheduled outside of the United States in 2023. Three of them will occur in London.

The Buffalo Bills and Tennessee Titans will also be hosting a game at Tottenham’s Hotspur Stadium located in London.

The NFL will also be returning to Germany in 2023, with sites set for Frankfurt Stadium in Week 9 and Week 10.

When is the 2024 NFL Draft?

The 2024 NFL Draft begins on April 25. The 2024 NFL Draft runs from April 25-27.

2023 Super Bowl recap

Super Bowl 2023 Matchup
Kansas City Chiefs 38, Philadelphia Eagles 35
Super Bowl LVII at State Farm Stadium, Glendale, Arizona

Super Bowl LVII delivered a game for the ages to conclude the NFL schedule, with a total of 73 points scored as the NFL’s top-two MVP candidates led the way. Ultimately, Andy Reid and Patrick Mahomes earned their second Super Bowl rings as the Kansas City Chiefs defeated the Philadelphia Eagles in the ‘Kelce Bowl.’